Running In The Fog

Running In The Fog

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DJAO / Running in the Fog / Natasha Kmeto - “Bass Camp SF” | PREMIERE | Chocolate Grinder | Tiny Mix Tapes

Forever down w/ the 2am collabs. Especially with these amazing people <3

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What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music | Red Bull Music Academy

This last weekend I had the extreme honor and pleasure of being invited to take part in the Redbull Music Academy Bass Camp in SF along with about 20 other artists from all over the west coast. Such a gift to learn from the pros and then go straight to a studio to work with five or six of the most talented peers you maybe would have never met or had the opportunity to work with. The full RBMA will be taking place in Tokyo (!!!) this year. To all my musical friends, I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to apply. It is an experience like nothing else. You can stream the full documentary to get a better idea <3

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Running In The Fog on vinyl!!!bringing some to tonight&#8217;s (sold out) show via @turntablekitchen + EP stickers (!) via @fatherdaughterrecs 🌠🌛 #dreams 👏👏👏

Running In The Fog on vinyl!!!bringing some to tonight’s (sold out) show via @turntablekitchen + EP stickers (!) via @fatherdaughterrecs 🌠🌛 #dreams 👏👏👏

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a list of 2013 releases i liked a lot


tim hecker virgins
grouper the man who died in his boat
arca &&&&&
mutual benefit love’s crushing diamond
braxton/palmer creeper
emily reo olive juice
burial river dealer
kingdom vertical xl
running in the fog silver
dean blunt the redeemer
born gold i am an exit
forest swords engravings
slow year slow year
coyote clean up 2 hot 2 wait
ryan hemsworth still awake

i probably forgot a lot of stuff

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Baby Shukuru is a victim of incessant poaching and human-wildlife conflict occurring in the jungles of Kenya. Elephants who used to walk free in the jungles are now endangered. Like many other baby elephants in these jungles, Shukuru is an orphan and is being taken care at David Sheldrick Wildlife trust in Nairobi where he is being fed, protected and rehabilitated by humble keepers. Once they are no longer milk-dependent they are moved from this elephant nursery to other centers. Slowly they are moved to their natural habitat, but this can take few years (8-10) before they are ready to move in the wild. Most orphans who come to the park have been traumatized due to witnessing the slaughter of their mothers and families. They often arrive in poor health and have difficulty socializing with other elephants. Sometimes they arrive injured and no longer have the will to live. The keepers are there to help nurse them back to health and help them during their time of grief. Photos by Michael Nichols 


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<3 soundinjections:

Running In The Fog - Sail

Amanda Harper will finally get the attention she deserves. Along with her moniker Running In The Fog she will release on December 10th her new EP, Silver, on Father/Daughter Records and the first single from the aforementioned release is a fact! Sail concludes all her space pop alluring veins and smooth ’90s r&b vibes in a way that it is hardly, almost impossible, to meet out there. It’s like Aaliyah and Sade come in one under the production duties of Shlohmo! A slow dance revelation for the spacious minds! Brilliant!!!

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